Glitch – A New Community – Only For Node.js Developers

Glitch is a new free collaborative coding site launched from Fog Creek Software, owned by Anil Dash, formerly known as Gomix. This is the only platform allows users to remix existing code or project with a seamless assistance where Glitch’s coding platform turns into a Google Docs – esque system, when you ask for help and in which other developers can guide you and help you troubleshoot the errors.

Here, everything you do, is not performed at the backend, whereas everything is done live which allows to track mistakes on the spot and test out new features.

However, there are other lots of developer’s communities such as ‘stack overflow’, ‘strivingprogrammers’ available at your back to support you but those communities do not allow you to execute everything on live platform. These are more like support forums where you can ask questions, share your problems and get the best answer or solution for that but after getting the solution, you will have to move onto your coding platform where development of the project is being performed. But here, on this collaborative coding site, you can perform coding and get help simultaneously without going out of community.

Glitch was designed to make it easier for new developers to collaborate with their friends, colleagues in real time to build any type of app, they have ever thought of.

Currently, Glitch only supports Node.js but the projects, you finish with Glitch are real and can be exported from your site to Github or imported from Github to Glitch in order to edit the code and run the app in live environment.

The best thing about Glitch is live show of app, which is not possible in GitHub and moreover it allows live sharing of code with other developers that helps to get feedback on existing coding and lets you get more ideas when you find yourself stuck somewhere in coding.

Glitch is the right platform for all those who have never done coding before. A friendly and welcoming community allows you to login either through facebook account or Github account.


Once you are logged in Glitch, existing project can be imported from Github to Glitch for remixing of code. And after finishing your project, it can be again exported to Github from Glitch.


After importing a project from GitHub, you need to add back-end files and front-end files to proceed with further code editing.


It is expected that in future, Fog Creek Software may be adding paid features to the site such as request for live help, developer analytics and a live catalog of sample apps.

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