Gmail On Desktop Enables Streaming Video Attachments Within Email


Google has constantly introduced number of features for its widely popular Gmail within this week. The most recent update of gmail will let you stream your video attachment without downloading it first. There will be a thumbnail on video attachment, clicking on it will directly play the video in YouTube within email and let you decide whether it worth downloading or not.

This feature is only for desktop users, rolling out soon for all, Google said it may take upto 15 days to go live this feature all around the world.

Gmail desktop users will save time and put less efforts to view a video attachment. What used to happen earlier, when we received a video attachment, we would have to click on video to download it first on hard drive, then again clicking on downloaded video to play it, using third party media player. It used to take much time but now you can directly play the attached video within the email just by clicking on thumbnail, shown on video and will allow you to adjust quality and sound level for attachment.

Google’s G-suite update reveals that this feature is supported by same infrastructure that was used for YouTube, Google Drive, and other video streaming apps, it means that delivered video would be of optimal quality.

But as gmail attachment is still limited to 25MB so while sending video attachment, you will have to choose either long video or high resolution video. The larger video attachment, exceeding the limit of 25MB, can be sent via Google Drive that has the limit of upto 15GB.

However, its a very small change but will benefit the users in two ways: Its going to save user’s time and efforts both by playing your video attachment directly on your screen. Another is it will allow you to manage quality and sound of attached video within the mail itself.

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