Google Earth Gets Revival With New Tools

Google Earth

With new update, Google Earth has become much easier to use with lots of exciting features that would surely make you feel lost while exploring planet.

You would love to use Google Earth with its new features that includes ‘Voyager which is more like a guided tour, another feature is ‘I’m feeling lucky‘ that lets you explore the destination ramdomly and the most exciting feature is ‘3D button that lets you view the location from any angle with original look.

Google Earth’s Virtual Reality (VR) feature will let the user enter any address on the globe. Now people can choose their own destination and explore it. They can quickly find and revisit the places just by simply typing the address or name of the location. Here you can view the destination in 3D with a 3D headset system that show you the original look & feel of the place.



The key feature of new Google Earth is Voyager, which is a showcase of interactive guided tours, that has been created with the contribution of world’s leading scientists and storytellers. Google has partnered with some groups as BBC, NASA, Sesame Street, Jane Goodall to add video clips, photos and text narratives to three-dimensional representations of world’s particular locations.

BBC Earth has shared a tour called Natural Treasures which lets you explore half a dozen habitats around the world that help you learn about the wildlife. The Jane Goodall Institute lets you explore Gombe National Park in Tanzania where she talks about chimpanzee research and conservation.

The producers of “Sesame Street” show off Muppets from co-productions around the world, the map shows where the Muppets live and offer stories about the region and its culture.

I’m Feeling Lucky


Now Google Earth has come up with a new feature of “I’m feeling lucky” that will take you to a randomly selected location, in this regard Google Earth has curated 20,000 lesser-known destinations.

It gives a bit of fun and more like a future-travel guide. The destinations it includes, these could be famous attractions in scenic places of natural beauty, among other things.You can use a Knowledge Card that will provide you detailed information and history about the places you have set in mind to visit. This feature would be loved by most of them who are adventurous and love to explore the hidden parts of world.

3D Button


This is an amazing feature that lets you view any location from any angle that would leave you breathless. Here you can share a postcard of that exact view with your friends and family and they can view it just by clicking on a link.

But for this 3D view, the location you have chosen for that Google must have rendered the 3D view, only then you can enjoy and begin it with 3D look.

People can also visit 27 handpicked locations that are now available on Google Earth VR, including Neuschwanstein Castle (the inspiration for the castle in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”), Table Mountain in South Africa and the Perito Moreno Glacier (Glaciar Perito Moreno) in Argentina.

It took two years in the making of the revised version of Google Earth which is available for Chrome and Android, there is no information about when it would be available for iOS devices, however it is in the works. It requires an app for phone and tablets because of heavy graphics.

There are some older features that would still require a software download in order to access them. That includes maps of Mars and the moon through a partnership with NASA.

It is designed in a way to deliver different lenses to see the world and grab a bit about its history and how it all fits together. It allows you to experience the world in a different and unique way that lets you cherish various locations from a different and new prospective.

Google also announced an update to a virtual-reality version of Google Earth. It now works with Facebook’s Oculus Rift, not just the HTC Vive. But it won’t work with cheaper, phone-based VR systems, such as Google’s Daydream and Samsung’s Gear VR.

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