Google Upgrades Gboard Keyboard With Voice Typing & 15 New Languages Exclusively For iPhone & iPad

The revised version of Google’s Gboard Keyboard embraces 15 new languages (Croatian, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Catalan, Hungarian, Malay, Russian,
Latin American Spanish and Turkish) that eventually gives universal access on iPhone and iPad
and would result in immense popularity of the app.


This upgraded iOS Gboard keyboard includes the new feature ‘Voice Dictation’ which you can use
simply by pressing and holding the space bar that further takes you to another screen with a mic


Another features that you would surely love to access are emojis and Google’s Doodles. Google’s Doodles is a kind of funny animation that celebrates special days, holidays, anniversaries and sometimes teach you a good message from history. It is viewable only on Doodle’s days and in Gboard Keyboard, it is shown in the form of ‘G’ logo. Using emojis while texting has become a trend nowadays and finding emojis just by typing the name in search bar like “cake”, “rose”, “pizza” or anything is something that everyone would love.

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At present, iOS version of Gboard supports all these new features and get-at-able on iPhone and iPad only but it is assumed that they are looking at ways to develop the Android version of the app.

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