Google Website Translator Plugin For Non-English Visitors

How bad it would be if a user leaves your website just because it was not in his native language. No doubt that 60% readers are known to English but still a large portion of visitors remains unfamiliar with your website and business who might be your most potential customers if they are able to read about your product and services.

Imagine how influential it could be if your website content is readable in multiple languages. There are number of translators available that can do this job in minutes without charging anything. The most popular translators are Google Translate, Altavista, Babelfish and Lycos.

But if you need to translate the content in multile languages then you will have to translate the same content multiple times chosing the desired language for e.g. if you want the content in three different (French, German, Spanish) languages then first you will need to enter the content in the translator to translate in French then a gain for German and one more time for Spanish. So with these translators you will have to spend more time in translating the content in different languages.

Its better you add a plugin that could automatically translate the content in number of languages according to the selection of language made by the visitors. The best and easy way is using Google’s Website Translator Plugin with that you can do it just by following few simple steps:

Start by clicking on Google Website Translator Plugin and find the following screen.


Now tap on ‘Add to your website now’ and after that enter your website address and choose the original language of your website then click next.


Now here you can choose the languages in which you wish to translate your website content. At this point, you have two options either you can choose all languages or the languages which are spoken in your country or region majorly. There is a vast option of more than 100 languages which can make your blog readable globally.


Once you choose the language, it will give you a code which you need to paste onto your website in order to get this plugin activated for your website.


After pasting this code onto your website, visitors will start getting options to translate the website content into desired language that will surely increase traffic, conversion rate and ultimately website ranking.

These machine translators are best for those businesses who have small budget. However the big brands and businesses who have enough funds can afford to hire a translator to get the same job done. There are unlimited translation companies are available such as World Lingo, Systran and Babylon Professional which can translate website content without any grammatical error.

It has been observed that machine translators are prone to grammatical error at some stage whereas with a human translator, there are less chances of grammatical mistakes, this is the reason that business prefer to hire a translation companies rather than choosing a machine translator.

But you can rely on Google Website Translator Plugin as it is less prone to error and many businesses have already used it.

You have one more option of Google Language Translator Plugin that you can directly install in your website just like you do for other plugins.


First you need to install and activate the Google Language Translator Plugin after that go to the Settings > Google Language Translator and now check the box given at next to plugin status. After that select the original language of the website and choose the languages in which you want the website content to be translated, again you have two options either choose all languages or specific languages. After saving the settings go to Appearance > Widget, here you can drag and drop the Google Language Translator widget to the website’s sidebar.

Now your visitors will be able to read the content in the language in which they find themselves feasible. Usually people love to read the information in their native language which seems easy to understand for all.

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