Google's Uptime App Lets Users Watch YouTube Videos Together

Google’s startup incubator, Area 120 developed a new Uptime app that is ultimately a group video messaging app lets users watch YouTube videos together. It gives you option to react on videos by commenting and sharing them with lots of friends at the same time. It lets you add animated emojis to give best of your expressions along with your profile picture.

Currently the app supports only iOS devices including iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10.0 or later. There is no word for Android, whether it would be available on Android in future or not.

With Uptime app, you can follow your friends to see their watch history and see what they are watching in real time. However, watching and commenting on videos is possible with YouTube too but with YouTube, users can’t see what their friends are watching in real time.

You can search for videos in the app by clicking on ‘Find a video’ that will further take you to YouTube search option.

Uptime has made video watching more interesting and amusing. You can do fun by sending funny reactions and comments that are viewable to all friends who are watching the video at the same time. These comments and reactions would be saved for users who would be watching it later on.

Download ( ‘Uptime App’ today! And watch YouTube videos in an entertaining way.

After downloading the app, you must be signed up with google account to access this app. As soon as you log in your google account and start accessing Uptime app, it will ask you (if you are a first time user) to verify your account by sending a text message on your registered phone number.

Once you are in Uptime app, you can use it with great ease by following simple steps:

With Uptime app, you can watch your favorite videos with your friends together and give comments and react with animated emojis.


If you want to find videos, you can simply click on ‘find a video’ tab and it will take you to the YouTube search where you can enter the name of video which you want to look for.


You can share your favorite videos with your friends by clicking on ‘share’ tab as shown in the image.


You can find new friends by clicking on ‘following’ tab and share your thoughts and feelings with people having similar taste.


This app lacks on some of features like you can’t record videos, you can only watch existing videos that are already listed in YouTube. Apart from this, private messaging is not there. Uptime app
supports open sharing that lets all of your friends to see what you are watching and how you are reacting and what you are commenting on videos. It means everything will be viewable to all.

It doesn’t have address book feature so it doesn’t allow you to find your friends using your contact list. But we hope that it will have all of the missing features in near future that will make it fully functional app.

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