GPS Kid’s Wear – Assorted Form of GPS Devices To Track Your Kids Location

Do you know? GPS (Global Positioning System) is now available in diverse form of kid’s wear. It is certainly a matter of everybody’s interest whose kid’s safety is their concern which demands the fullest consideration. Almost always, it is not possible for any parent to go along with their kids especially when they have started moving around on their own.

GPS kid’s wear can be used as a tracking device to monitor kid’s activities which I think is the best thing for parents who remains busy in their work and don’t get time to visually observe their activities. Safety of kids is always a prime concern of parents and they never compromise with it in any circumstance.

GPS devices are available in assorted forms such as GPS locator, GPS Tracker Phone, USB Charger, Pocket Finder, Bracelet, giving you diverse choices to find the best mean, more loved by your kid and moreover make them feel comforted and easy while wearing them.

GPS Locator:


This device has couple of unique features such as two-way calling, location updates in every five minutes, sending an alarm when kid moves away more than 500 feet, which makes it a complete tracking device.

  • It has no button so kids can’t turn it off.
  • Long battery backup
  • Waterproof

GPS Tracker Phone:


This form of GPS device, kids love to carry with them which enables them to play games along with basic features like calling, recording and sending messages. It has additional feature of SOS function that sends a text message along with location to maximum 4 cell phone numbers when it is activated.

  • Equipped with GPS/LBS location allows real time tracking.
  • Enabled with SOS function.
  • Monitor via live video.
  • GeoFencing feature allows setting a predetermined area.

USB Charger:


It is a pretty reliable option that your kid can use to make you alert of his problem. Along with charging function, this tracker device can be used to phone. With this device tracking can be done using live map.

  • Allow setting area zones.
  • Long battery life
  • Uploads location data every minute.
  • You receive an alert when your kid leaves a designated zone.

Pocket Finder:


This device is quite stiff and durable among all types of GPS kid’s wear. Its small size makes it easy either to wear on wrist or put it in your pocket. It’s intuitive design and ease of use make it perfect choice for your kid’s.

  • Long battery life
  • Intuitive design
  • Use for pets too.



This is the most favorable type of GPS kid’s wear, liked by kids, fall in the age group of 8 to 10 years. The low cost of this device makes it affordable for all and helps it to stand out from the competition. It is available in variety of shades, create fun among kids.

  • Affordable
  • Available in variety of colours.
  • Long battery life

These days parents are moving to this ultimate device which is highly useful for the safety of kids. There are number of brands have come ahead with GPS kids watches such as hereO GPS watch, AmbyGear Smartwatch, Tinitell and many more. This device will give you added peace of features which will make your toughest job, the easiest thing.

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