How Google Account Can Help You In Number of Ways

There are number of situations when Google Account can help you to come out of trouble where everything proves futile and you are not able to help yourself. In such situation you look for some other person’s help. But what if you can find your solutions yourself just with little bit of efforts.

It usually happens with most of us that we misplace our phone at some place and forget to take it. In such situations it becomes difficult to locate your device without anyone’s help. But you perhaps don’t know that there is an easy solution to this problem if you have a google account. In case you don’t have google account then click here to create a google account.

Through google account, You can ring your device, if you want to lock the device, it can be easily done through google account. There is an option to erase the data from the device direct from google account. See how it is possible:

Go to Google Account Dashboard.

Google Account Dashboard

Here, you need to click on Manage active devices and it will show you three options Ring, Lock & Erase. You can choose which one you want to apply out of those. After clicking on Manage active devices, following screen will appear:

Android Device Manager

If you click on Android it will show you IMEI number, Model name, Manufacturer, Last activity seen on which date along with registration date of your device. IMEI number is required to lodge a complaint for a lost device if you are not able to find it in any way.

Manage active devices

There is another good use of Google Account, in case you have doubt that some one is using your Google Account and you want to track it then it can be tracked from Google account from Recently used devices option. It will show you the data of last 28 days, on which devices your Google Account has been used. It will appear like this.

Recently used devices

Its showing the device name along with city and country name in which it was used.

Google Account saves the app and site you used along with username and password entered to log in the site and app in Google Chrome. We know its an interesting matter for all of us, because usually we forget which password we assigned to a particular app or website. In such situation Google Account can help you getting back your password.

In order to retrieve the password, in Google Chrome settings, there is the option of Advance sync settings, here you need to sync everything by clicking on every option including passwords and then click ok.

Advanced sync settings

Now come to the bottom of this screen of chrome settings and click on ‘Show advanced settings’ and it will show you further options of Privacy, Passwords and forms, Web content and many more. So here you need to click ‘Manage passwords’ which comes under Passwords and forms. Now find the following screen:


Now it is showing apps & websites along with username and passwords but here passwords are being shown in dotted form, but if you click on then it will show you the passwords along with view option so if you want to view the passwords then you can click on view and it will show you the password. It will look like the following screen:

Saved passwords

We hope that you find this editorial interesting and helpful too. But make sure you enable your Advance sync settings only when then it is actually required and after taking the information make it disabled so that no one can retrieve it otherwise it can prove harmful to you in various ways as passwords allow the other person to access your all websites and apps you have used on chrome.

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