How To Earn Money With A blog

Make money with a blog

Who don’t want to make money just by sitting at home and writing a few blogs everyday. Of course, everyone do. If you have passion for creating unique content then blogging is the perfect place for you. So now you have a blog and you have already started working for it. But only writing a quality blog is not enough for making money. You really need to understand the various ways involved in monetizing blogging to start it with a right way.

Use Advertising program

The most easiest and common way of making money through a blog is placing ads. There are number of advertising programs available such as Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, AdBrite, Text Link Ads, Tribal Fusion and more.

Google Adsense: Adding Google Adsense ads in your blog doesn’t require anything except a quality blog & a Paypal account. One thing is also important that it shouldn’t be an adult blog as google prohibits publishing ads on adult blogs. When you request for Google Adsense ads then first your site is reviewed by google engineers and after approval an ad code is provided to you which you need to embed in your blog. Once that ‘ad code’ is added in your blog, you can view that particular ad in your blog. You can make money with Adsense ads in two ways

  • Pay Per Click: If you choose PPC (Pay Per Click) ads then you will be paid for the number of times your ad is clicked by the user. The amount is paid to you is decided by the advertiser. It heavily depends on the type of product they want to advertise.
  • Pay Per Impression: This type of ads get you paid on the basis of the number of times that ad is viewed by the users. It is ultimately related to the traffic of your website, the more traffic you get, the more amount will be paid to you.

Chitika: Chitika ad is also referred as eMiniMalls which is the best source for advertising especially for product based blogs. After creating your Chitika account, you will be sent an ad code that has to be pasted in your blog. There are three important ways to get the best out of your ad.

  • Ad Placement: it really matters that where you are placing your ad in a blog. It can be placed in three way either you can place it in between the title and content or between the content or just below the entire blog but before comment option. But ads placement should be near the content so that user can easily click on it while reading a blog.
  • Ad Customization: In order to make your ad more appealing you can customize your ad. Choosing the colours for an ad that matches the theme of your blog can really make it look better.
  • Multiple Ads: Its better if you choose maximum three ads per page as more than three ads will make your blog look more like business blog so avoid doing it as it may make your advertising strategy worthless. It would be more beneficial if you can use the same ad code on multiple websites but make sure you add that website link to the list of approved domains.

Infolinks: Infolinks provides advanced native ad that proves the best monetization solution for a blog. For signing up for Infolinks, you just need to enter your website address. After signing up, you will be sent an ad code that need to place in your website in order to get paid. Almost more than 150,000 publishers in over 130 countries across the world are getting paid through Infolinks. Infolinks offers everything that your site needs starting from ad formats, keyword options and most important the best suited ads that co-relates with the content so that users are more likely to click on ads.


By using such type of advertising program, You don’t need to contact to the actual advertiser. Here it is important, how you make your blog more interesting and popular so that more number of people visit your site and spend time on it to get valuable information.

Use Your Blog For Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer you can make good commission if you are able to sell other company’s product. In order to start an affiliate program you need to insert the product link on your site, if the user get convinced to click that link and purchase the product then you get the commission. How much you will get paid, it totally depends on the type of program you choose like some programs will pay on selling the product while some programs pay even if the user has viewed the product.

There are countless affiliate programs available such as Amazon, Citibank and Linkshare. If you are a beginner then it would be better to choose Amazon affiliate program that pays even if the user has not bought the product but added it to the shopping cart. And moreover their commission rates are better than others.

Use Private Ads

If your blog is quite popular one and thousand of people visit your website everyday then companies may approach you to publish their product or service ad on your website so that it gets noticed easily by people. You can also directly contact to businesses for placing their ads on your blog site. It is all about how you convince the people for giving you business. The best thing about private ads is that you can set your own rates and make good income.

Get Freelance Blogging Offer

Once your blog become popular and get wealth of traffic each day, people may ask you to write blog for their blogging sites and pay as much as you want. Your art of writing and thinking can make you earn limitless money.

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