How To Make A Website Visible On Search Engine

Having a website is not a big thing but having an optimized website can really do a lot for your business. But the question is, how we can optimize our website, what to do? or what not to do? How your business will perform? It totally depends on how you plan and implement the things.

Indexing of A Website

Before you go deep inside website optimization, you must check whether your site is searchable by search engine or not. Lets take an example of Google Search Engine, if you want to check whether your site is indexed on google or not, you can type site:, if it shows results, it means your site is indexed.

Index a website
Learn how to index a website

If shows no results and screen appears stating “Your search – site: – did not match any documents.

Index a web page
How to index a web page

If you get no results while searching for results for your own website, it clearly tells that your website is not indexed on Google and in order to index it on Google, you must submit your website on Google.

submit a website for indexing
Learn how to submit a website for indexing

Importance of Google XML Sitemap

Whenever your website is updated, Google XML Sitemap automatically gets updated with the new changes and same is notified to Google about the update. As we know that Google gives importance to those websites which are updated time to time and remains with fresh and valuable content that means a lot to users. Having a Google XML Sitemap for a website adds extra points to its performance and credibility.

If you want to check whether you site is having a Google XML Sitemap or not, you can simply put and it will show you results with URL of sub sitemap along with last modified date and time if it has a XML Sitemap.

Generate a sitemap
Learn how to generate a sitemap

And if not, then it will simply show “this page can’t be found”. If your website doesn’t have XML Sitemap then you can install a particular plugin for it at any point of time. It can be done in a very simple way.

First go to to build your sitemap online. Once you open site website, the following screen will appear.

Create a sitemap
How to create a sitemap

Here you need to fill up this form and click on Start. It will crawl the entire website and after that you will be redirected to a link to a sitemap file. Download that sitemap file and put it into the domain root folder of your site and then enter this sitemap url to Google Webmaster Account.

Create Google MyBusiness Page

Just by following simple steps you can create your Google MyBusiness Page. First go to Google MyBusiness Page and click on START NOW.

Create a Google My Business Page
Learn how to create Google My Business Page

Once you click on start now, the following screen will appear:

Add business in Google My Business Page
Learn how to add business in Google My Business Page

Enter the details including business name, country, street address, postal code, district, province, business phone, category, website and then click Continue.

If your site is registered on Google MyBusiness Page, there are higher chances of getting your website in top search results in specific location, region or country. And your location will help the user to find your business easily, for e.g if you sell watches in London, then user may type watch store in London in search box and Google will highlight your store in top results.

Use Focus Keyword In Your Title, Description & Keywords

Using focus keyword in your title, description and keywords, makes it easy for google to find your website more relevant to search queries. And there is more chances of getting your site noticed by the user. For e.g. if you have a watch store and you sell Rolex watches exclusively then you can add a keyword ‘buy rolex watch’ which seems more relevant and expected search query.

In order to put the keyword in title, description and keywords, you need to go in ‘Yoast Plugin’ or All in One SEO Pack, in which you can add the desired information.

But always make sure the keywords you choose that should have high search volume and should be low competitive. It makes easy to place it high in search results.

High Quality Backlinks

While creating backlinks always try to target influential websites which has high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). Google gives more values to those backlinks whose are created through high authority sites and there are higher chances of getting your site on top in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). In order to check DA and PA and search volume, you can access various tools like Ahref and Semrush which are paid tools but help a lot while creating backlinks.

With this way, you can easily see the required details in on go without wasting time in searching it manually.

I hope you find it interesting and helpful too.

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