How To Place Adsense Ads in Blogger’s Blog

Making money is always a matter of everyone’s interest and specially when it happens with little efforts. Adding Google Adsense ads in your Blogger’s post can make you earn wealth of money. But here, you will be more interested in knowing how it is possible. You will be happy to know that you can do it yourself without being technically sound.There is an easy way to add Adsense Ads in Blogger’s Blog:

First of all you should have an account on You can follow these simple steps to start blogging:

blogger's blog
Creating a blog on

Now click on Create Your Blog and following screen will appear:

blogger profile
Create a blogger profile

Choose Blogger profile. Here you need to enter Display Name.

Name to your blog
Give name to your blog

Click Continue to Blogger. Now it will take you to the following screen:

Create a new blog
Create a new blog

Then click Create A New.

Create a blog
Create a new blog

Now you need to choose title for your blog along with web address and design. Then click Create blog. And after that you can start posting your blogs.

In order to add an adsense add in your blog, you must have an account in Google Adsense.

Google Adsense
Sign up for Google Adsense

You need to Sign Up, in order to create Google Adsense account.

Create account for Google Adsense
Create account for Google Adsense

After setting up account and further details. You need to go to the Blogger’s Dashboard in order to place Adsense ad.

Blogger's dashboard
Add a gadget in blogger’s dashboard

Now click to Layout and further you will see an option Add a Gadget. After clicking, it will take you to the following screen.

Choose Adsense

Here, you will choose Adsense and there will be an option My ads.

My ads in Google Adsense
Add a new ad unit in My ads

Under My ads, there is an option Ad units and further you can create a New ad unit.

Formatting of Adsense ad
Learn formatting of an Adsense ad

Here, you need to choose size, colour for border, background, text and title according to your choice so that it looks more appealing. And in the end click Save and your task is done.

You must be aware that here blogger is paid as per CPC (cost per click). It means the number of times your add is clicked by the user, amount is credited into your account. You also get paid per impression. It means the number of times your ad is viewed by the user. There is great scope of getting successful in popularizing your blog if you choose niche of your interest so that you can write quality content and make your blog more interesting and captivating so that people should come again and again to your blog. You must study about how you can make your blog more optimized.

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