How To Start A Free WordPress Blog

Your intent for creating a blog can be different, it may be for expressing your thoughts, earning more exposure for your business, becoming an authority in your industry or making money but no matter whatever is your goal, the process for creating a blog would be somewhat similar for every platform.

If you are looking for a free but a comprehensive blogging platform then answer is WordPress. You would be thinking, Why WordPress is the most preferred choice of serious bloggers who want to monetize their blog. WordPress has thousands of free and premium WordPress themes which are easy to customize. With other platforms if you move your website to another platform, it is quite a difficult task but with WordPress you can easily move your site to a new host or a different content management system.

Let’s know about what all you need to start a blog.

Domain name
Web hosting
WordPress installation

1. Domain Name

A Domain name is your unique identity on the internet. Its not just a string of words that ends up with .com, .net or .org, it is an important part of your website , without it visitors can’t find your website. It describes the nature of your website that it represents which helps search engine robots to locate the topics available on your site when someone put a query related to your business.

Choosing a domain name for your business is significant but getting it free of cost is what all we hope and look for everytime. There are some sites which provide domain names of your choice without charging anything, the best examples are and Let’s know about the procedure how we can actually take a free domin.

Start by clicking on the url and enter the domain name you are looking for.

Now click on Check Availability, for e.g. we entered and it says that this domain is available then click on checkout to complete the process.


When you click on checkout, the following screen appears.


Now click Continue.


Here enter your email address and click Verify My Email Address.


Open the email which you entered and click on the verification link.


Now you have the domain name. There is another way of getting your domain name free of cost with Once you have the domain, you will need to upload it on the hosting server.

2. Web Hosting:

Web hosting is basically the space on the web server that you purchase to store your website. You can create a website on your own computer but it would be useless and no one would be able to find it on the web unless you upload it on the hosting server.

A good web hosting provider would give you sufficient space and bandwidth to handle increased traffic on your website.

We are going to discuss some of the free means of getting web hosting with excellent services. After the rigorous research and exploration we found as the best free hosting service provider. To get the hosting service you need to click and find the following screen and click Get started.


After clicking here, you will be redirected to next page.


Here click on order which is free and get the details of your hosting package in which it describes the period and features of free hosting plan.


At the right side of the page, you can see order summary where you need to click CHECKOUT NOW.


If you are an existing user then click Login else click Create New Account.


Now you need to agree with terms and conditions of privacy policy and click Complete Order.


On this scree, you need to provide your domain name and password and click Setup.


Once you click on Setup, your hosting account is created successfully. Now click on domain ‘’ and find the following options and click Auto Installer.


3. WordPress Installation

As you have already decided that you want to create a WordPress blog so need to install WordPress and in order to do that you need to click WordPress among the given options.


When you click WordPress, following screen comes up where you need to enter Administrator username, Administrator password, Website Title, Website Tag line and after that click Install.


After successful installation of WordPress the following screen appears.


Here when you click on Details it shows the following details.


You must note down your Admin url ( that is required to login and customize your WordPress blog.

Now you can login your Admin url with Administrator username and Administrator password and start customizing your blog. In WordPress blog customization, three things are most essential i.e. Theme, Menu and Widgets. Let’s describe in brief each of these three important parts of a WordPress Blog, starting from Theme.

a. Theme

You can start with customizing theme of your website. Theme of a website determines how your website would look including layout, header, logo, favicon, adjust colours, custom background and some additional theme-based customization. To customize the theme follow this path Dashboard>Appearance>Themes.


b. Menu


You can give name to your menu and can add a menu by clicking on Add to Menu option or can simply do drag and drop. You can align menus according to your need just by dragging it.

c. Widgets


Widgets are also important in a website. A common example of widget is Google advertisements which we usually place on our website. It provides an additional functionality. You can use widget on your blog to help visitors sign up. You easily add a widget using this path Dashboard>Appearance>Widgets.

d. Pages

As you have already decided that you want to create a WordPress blog so need to install WordPress and in order to do that you need to click WordPress among the given options.

Adding pages in a WordPress blog is also very important. It is similar to add post to a WordPress blog.

These are the simple steps to add pages in WordPress:

Go to Dashboard>Pages>Add New


Here you need to enter your title and content and click Publish.

These are the most basic things we do for website customization that make our website more professional and user friendly.


Creating a free WordPress blog is worthwhile for those who desire to convey a message or important thoughts to the public but can’t invest on starting a blog. The above explained procedure and means are absolutely free, starting from taking the domain to the hosting and WordPress installation.

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