How To Start An Affiliate Program That Actually Works

Starting an affiliate marketing business, sounds easy and interesting but in reality it is a hard nut to crack which requires a lot of time and dedication. Its not just marketing your partner’s products but it is much more than that.

If you have strong convincing skills then this job can be a little easier for you. But remember it can be a huge wastage of time and money if you step in without research and proper strategy. So before you set up an affiliate marketing business, make sure you have enough knowledge and attributes.

Now when you have made up your mind to earn a good passive amount being at home, let’s go through the whole process step by step:

Choose a niche: First decide the topic or niche that interests you. Don’t go for popular niches, prefer to go for which suits you or which you love to research and explore for e.g. if you are good at gardening then its good to sell gardening products like manure, fertilizers, pesticides. By choosing niche of your interest, lets you write more unique and quality rich content that would keep your audience stick to your blog and convince them to click on your products to purchase.

Join an affiliate program: Choose the affiliate program that lets to choose the products and services of your niche. Make sure these are of optimum quality and you should have complete information about the product and services so that you can create exciting sales pitch in order to convince your audience. There are number of options such as Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction. But

  • Amazon can be the best place to start with affiliate marketing in which commission rate starts from 4% and goes to maximum 8.5%. The best thing about it is that if user has clicked the link given on your site and added the product to the cart but didn’t buy it within 24 hrs even then you will get some percentage of commission.

Affiliate marketing program
Learn starting an affiliate marketing program


In order to join an affiliate program you should have a valid bank account or paypal account so that you can get your commission straightaway in your account. You must have a website related to niche on which you will be inserting products link and ads. So now the time has come to perform the actual job as so far we have done only research. Now it is important how you implement your research into action.

Create a website: Before you start creating a website, you need to purchase and register a domain name relevant to your niche. You can go for popular domain provider Godaddy or Namecheap. After that purchase and set up hosting. The easiest way to set up a site is using WordPress that doesn’t require any technical knowledge and coding. Here you will need to install theme, different plugins and pages in order to set up a complete website.

Create content: Once the website is created, start producing original content regularly that can keep your visitors stick to your website and let them coming back. There would be a great advantage if affiliate link is inserted between the content as user might click that link and find the product interesting and usable. There will be higher chances of getting the product sold. You can include visual ads for the products relevant to your niche and content.

Build your audience: The best way to build your audience is using social media. You can share your quality content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Google Plus to build a trustworthy relationship with visitors and once you have won their trust, you can promote your product to them.

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