How To Take Free Benefits Of Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the great inventions of Google which helps to identify issues with your website and allows to track its performance. It will also help you detect whether your site is infected with malware or not. It can be used to submit a new sitemap of a website if any changes are made in it.

Google Search Console was formerly known as Google Webmaster which is easy to access and give you insight into your website. Before we go deep inside its uses and advantages, it would be good to know about how to create account and add a website in Google Search Console.

Login To Google Search Console

First, you should have a Google Account, if you don’t have, create it now. When you login into your Google Account and open Google Search Console, it directly considers your Google Account to login into Google Search Console.

Add A Website

Once you are logged in, in order to get the complete overview of your website, you need to add your website in Search Console and for that click on ADD A PROPERTY option.


After clicking on this option, you will need to enter your website and click Add.

Add A Property

Verify The Website

Now it will ask you to verify the website to prove that you are the owner of this website and authorized to get deep insight about its performance through this tool. In order to verify click on Alternate methods and choose HTML tag, where it will show you meta tag, copy this meta tag and

Very A Website

after this, login into your wordpress website, go to the Dashboard where it will show you a menu, under the menu section, you will see SEO, Click ‘SEO‘.


Now SEO settings will get opened then click on Dashboard, in Dashboard, you will see Google Search Console, enter that copied meta tag here and choose Enabled then click Save Changes. And after this go back to Google Search Console and click Verify.


Now you can start using this tool.

Benefits of using Google Search Console

Google Search Console provides data and configuration control for your website as well as a variety of visitor metrics such as how many clicks your website got, the number of impressions, click through rate and position. You can easily see the errors found in your website along with broken pages, site indexing, sitemap and apart from this Google indicates you about the issues and actions taken against your website for e.g. if your website is penalized for bad linking or any other technical notice is sent to you regarding malware warning or hack attack.

Let’s discuss about it’s very important and basic uses:


If your site is not indexed in Google then you can add it through Google Search Console by following this link and after entering your url click Submit Request.

submit a website in google search console

And if your website is already indexed and want to check the number of pages which are indexed then go to Google Search Console Dashboard then Google Index and click on Index Status.

Check indexed pages


There are number of benefits of adding a sitemap of your website to Google Search Console, first it notifies Google about whenever any change or improvement in done in your website. It also ensures that all the pages which are included in Sitemap would be crawled by Google. Sitemap helps to categorize the web pages which ultimately increases the speed of crawling.

Learn about how to add an XML sitemap of your website to Google Search Console. Start it with Google Search Console Dashboard>Crawl>Sitemaps and following screen will appear.

Submit A Sitemap To Google Search Console

Now click ADD/TEST SITEMAP and see the following screen.


Here enter your XML Sitemap url and click Submit Sitemap.

Search Traffic:

This is one of the most important features on Google Search Console as it gives you a great amount of detailed information about organic traffic to your site. You can know about which search query is used by visitors before clicking on your listing in Google search results. It will also let you know the country of a visitor, which device was used and which page or url he visited. The search type option will tell you whether the visitor has found your website through web, image or video.

Google Search Console - website metrics

Links To Your Site:

Google Search Console gives you a detailed analysis of the backlinks in which it includes the total number of links that are pointing to your website, anchor texts that are used to link to your site, pages of the website that are visited most often.

Links to your site

Internal Links:

This section tells you about which page has the maximum internal links that are pointing to your site. The pages which appear on the top of the list, are considered the most important pages of the website. And if you find that the pages which are being shown on the top are not the important one then you can update the internal links to indicate the Google about the important pages of your website.


Manual Actions:

It is always good if you do not find any message in this section as whenever any penalty is levied on your site by Google then a message appears in this option stating the reason for penalty and suggestion for getting the problem resolved.


Mobile Usability:

This option tells whether your website is mobile friendly or not. It lets you know about the errors found with mobile usability of your website which can impact, how your site appears in Google search results and ultimately it is going to affect the traffic which your website is getting on mobile. Make sure it shows no mobile usability errors detected.

Broken Links:

Nobody likes visiting pages with 404 error. In order to remove the broken links, first you need to know how many broken links are there and which are the pages that have those broken links so that we can either rectify those errors or redirect those pages to home page or any other page of the website.

Broken links

This article has contained the most essential and important points pertaining to Google Search Console that can help you in making your website more influential in the eyes of visitors as well as Google.

We hope you find it interesting and helpful too.

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