Money Sending Becomes Easier With Gmail App On Android Phones

Google has broaden up the list of gmail features by curating a new gmail app that enables you send money using your gmail account. Currently this app is only for US and UK users and supports only Android devices not iOS.

To use this app, you just need to have gmail account and debit or credit card. Both the activities, money sending or money receiving are free with it.

US users were already using this feature on desktop but now it is available on Android phones as well. However, It took so long to develop this app for mobiles as google wallet was already there since 2013, where people were using it to send or receive money using their gmail account.

But do you know? Via this app a US user can send money to a UK user as it is prohibited by Google.

You don’t need the app to receive money. When you send money to someone that doesn’t have the app, they’ll receive a mail where they can easily get their money. All they’ll need is a Gmail account and a bank account or debit card.

Here, the whole process is simplified via step by step progression.

First go to the gmail account and click on compose button and enter the email address to whom you want to send money then click on attach button, will show you the option of sending money as shown in the following screenshot:


Once you click on ‘send money’ will take you to another screen of ‘Google Wallet’, where you need to enter the amount, you want to send and add a memo if you want to enter as it is optional and just click on attach money. It will appear like this:


Now money is attached and after clicking on send, money will be transferred to recipient’s bank account.

In order to receive the attached money, the recipient has to add debit card details to transfer the money to his bank account and further whenever money will be sent to you using gmail account, money will be straightaway transferred to your bank account, just once you need to provide your debit card details.

Once you have received attached money in your mail, open the mail and click on ‘Transfer to bank’ tab and further click on ‘Add debit card’ and thereafter furnish your debit card details and click on ‘Claim money’

You can also request money from someone. In order to send a request, you need to open your gmail account and click on compose button then tap ‘Request money’ and enter the amount you wish to request and then add a memo and click on ‘Attach request’ and to send the email, tap the send button.

Now stick to your gmail app to do your messaging and sending money both within the app.

This app would work exactly like Venmo and Square cash but it is free of charge. You can click on Gmail Help to explore more about this feature of gmail app.

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