New ‘Personal Tab’ In Google Extracts Results From Gmail, Photos & More


Google always makes efforts to find better ways to help people find what they are looking for and it is continuously adding new features to its search. And now Google comes up with new ‘Personal Tab’ in Search to show content from private sources like Gmail account and Google photos library.

Many Google users have observed a new ‘Personal Tab’ in Google search, both on desktop and mobile. With the ‘Personal’ search tab, Google is aiming to provide customized set of information based on the search keywords entered by its users. For example, if you have put the word ‘Cake’ in search query, the Personal Tab will show results from Gmail account as well as the images you clicked with this name in Google photos account.

However, making a search from Gmail and photos is quite possible with manual search but it would be time consuming. With Personal tab, you can get results all at once.

The Google users who have noticed this tab in Google search are stating that this feature usually appears in a dropdown menu on clicking the ‘More’ tab. It was first spotted by Search Engine Roundtable and it appears like Google is rolling out this feature in a phased manner.

Google also says that personal search results are limited to the users, to access the personal search results, the user needs to be signed into their personal Gmail account on the browser. So now users can make a search through Gmail account and Google photos wihout opening them individually.

The personal search results would be private and no one else would be able to see your personal results unless you share your Google account details with others. So your privacy is completely secured with this tab.

There is no information, whether the ‘Personal Tab’ is limited to Gmail and Google photos only or it would extract results from Google drive and other Google services as well.

The report says that users are noticing the Personal tab both on their mobile and web accounts but not in Google mobile apps as no one has noticed it yet.

You will be able to access this tab with same way as you access Google and when you make your search query then click More and select Personal from the menu and it will show up filtered results from your own collection of photos, your calendar entries, emails based on your search query.

Shortcuts On The Google Search

In March, Google introduced with shortcuts on the Google Search app for Android, iOS and on the mobile web that enable users to make a deeper search on the topics. With these shortcuts users can access sports, eat and drink, entertainment and weather sections.

Android users will be able to access other useful shortcuts like nearby attractions, flights, hotels, internet speed test, translate, currency converter and more. Google will also launch more shortcuts that correspond to major events.

With these one-tap shortcuts, you do not need to type your whole search query for e.g. manually searching nearby ATMs as there is a specific tab to search for ATMs. Google is calling these shortcults “tappable shortcuts” it will be available on both apps and via its mobile website.

Experiment On Search Widget

Google is also experimenting on Search widget which is faster than the standard Google Search widgets. It will surely help you get quick search results with a single tap on the home screen. Google will soon make it live for the standard version of Chrome. For now, it is available on the developer version of Chrome (version 60).

To check out the new Search widget, users need to download the Chrome Dev app from Play Store. After doing so, users need to access their widgets from their home screen and select the Chrome Dev widget. When you tap on the widget, it instantly brings up the keyboard in Chrome dev and shows up the search results in seconds. However this new widget is still under testing but very soon will be live on standard Chrome.

Google is continuously adding new features one after another for making the Google search more advanced, faster and user-friendly.

Google has not yet made any official announcement about this new ‘Personal’ Tab but the feature seems to be rolling out slowly to users worldwide. Our regular updates will keep you informed about it’s release as we get more information.

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