On-page SEO That Boost Traffic & Website Ranking Both

Are you frustrated with the down ranking of your website? Of course, when despite of making lots of efforts, not getting any result, discourage you a lot. But here, it is more important to understand whether you are implementing the things in a right way or not.

First you should analyse your competitors, check what techniques and strategies they are applying. It will help you to cope-up with the latest trend.

Google is becoming sophisticated day by day and as a result, it counts each and every factor of a website while making a website visible on search engine and considering its position on search engine result page.

On-page SEO is a set of techniques that can make or break your business. There are different factors involved in on-page optimization but relevancy is the most important one which decides how relevant is your web page to the search query. Google extracts those web pages that are more relevant to the search query. So here each factor let it be meta tags (title, description & keywords) should be optimized making it more relevant and interconnected.

In this editorial, we are going to discuss all of the major factors, techniques and methods required for quality on-page optimization.

Meta Tags:

Meta tags that describe what a web page is all about. Meta tags are not present on the web page content, these are used only in coding so that google can relate your web page to the query more easily as well as user can also see in search result page.

Title Tag:

Title tag which is the most important tag out of all of the meta tags. It includes the words which are displayed at the top of each tab in your browser and also appear in search results. Google relates a web page to the content on the basis of meta title. So make sure it includes your focus keyword, business name and other relevant words but it should be descriptive and short within the limit of 60 characters.


Meta description describes the web page and tells what a user will find on that particular web page. Mostly what happens when we search with a query, for e.g. I put ‘leather bags’ in search query and results will show the titles and descriptions of those web pages which would be more relevant to leather bag. With the help of reading description, a user will come to know which website he should click on. A properly optimized meta description should include focus keyword, brand name and all that is necessary to describe a web page but it shouldn’t exceed the limit of 160 characters, if you exceed it, Google will omit rest of the extra content.

Meta tags
How a meta title and meta description appears on a result page.

Heading Tags:

It is always a good practice if you include multiple heading tags. Use the headings to describe the different sections of a particular web page. In most cases, we suggest to use only heading tag (out of to) on every web page and not a handful of subheadings as it will increase the size of a web page. It should support the theme and should not be used on those worlds which has no keyword. As most people make this mistake that they add heading tags taking it for making their website more stylish, instead of using it from SEO point of view.

URL Structure:

URL (Universal Resource Locator) is a path that takes you to a particular web page. There is way to structure a web page url, what should include or what not, matters a lot for making it user friendly. While structuring a url, ensure that you use category and keyword after the domain name, (for e.g www.blog.hubspot.com/web_development/PHP_Web_Development) and don’t use special characters (?,#,$,@,*,&) and numbers within the url. In other words we can say that it should be easy to remember and readable.

Structure of a url
Learn how to structure a url

Image Optimization

It is also one of the important factors of on-page optimization. Images make a website look nice as well as meaningful and understandable. A user will be able to view all the images present on a web page but Google robots can only crawl and see the images if these are optimized. There is another advantage that if your image is optimized with right alt text and any person finds an image with the same name and able to find your image then he may use your image in his blog or article and it can prove highly beneficial from SEO point of view as it will also give a backlink to your website. An optimized image should include a good caption, relevant alternative text and an accurate image title attribute that should describe the image properly.

Optimize an image
Learn optimization of image

Keyword Rich Content

First, always write a content for users not for SEO purpose and later on optimize it with targeted keywords so that it remains user-friendly and optimized both at the same time. Keyword rich content helps a website rank better in search results. Before you choose any keyword, do a thorough research on it. There are lots of tools available to decide on which keywords would be more relevant and traffic oriented for your business. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Semrush which are considered the best tools for keyword research, giving detailed information about search volume & competition. Keywords that have high search volume but low competition tends to rank easier than highly competitive keywords.

Internal Linking & External Linking

Links make the content more illustrative as well as strengthen the domain. Linking internally within the website refers to internal linking. It makes better the user-experience and gives the user option to stay for a longer duration that improves the bounce rate which indirectly increases the ranking of a website. It is highly useful for blog sites in which internal linking can be easily done by associating related blogs to each other.

On the other hand, external linking makes your website more authoritative. So while choosing websites for external linking, make sure those sites are high authority sites and having high DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). It determins the quality of a website and how Google considers a website.

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