Send And Print Multiple Emails In One Go Using Free Google Add-on

Today I’m sharing the easiest way of sending or printing multiple gmail emails in one go that would take only few minutes to do it. It often happens with us that we receive lots of important emails that we need to send to your boss. So usually what you do, you just open each of the emails one by one and send them in making multiple attempts. You might find it easier too but when the volume of emails is high then this task can make you feel disgusting too.

So why not do it the right way so that you can save your time and present the plenty of emails in more advanced and organized way.

Step 1.

Let’s open your gmail and mark those important emails which you want to print and label them with a different name (for e.g. label them as ‘To Print’) so go to Label as and click Create new then give the label name and click Create.

Print emails

Now in your gmail account those labelled email would appear as shown in below screenshot.

print multiple emails

Step 2.

Once you have selected emails then go to Google Drive>My Drive and create a folder, give a name to this folder be it ‘Gmail Files’.

Step 3.

Open Google Sheets within this folder and give a name to this sheet as well.

Step 4.

Go to Add-ons, type ‘Save Emails and Attachments’ and install this free Add-on.

Step 5.

Again go to Add-ons>Save Emails and Attachments>Create Rule. Here choose the labelled files and folder where you want to save those labelled files and click Save.

create rule

Step 6.

Now labelled emails would be saved in Google Sheet and would appear as shown in below screenshot and would also be saved in Selected folder. But this procedure may take long time so you can run this rule manually as well to get the selected files saved in the folder.

save emails in Google sheet

Step 7.

Go to My Drive and give a right click to that folder and click download and this folder would be downloaded on your system so that if you want to send those bulk emails to someone then can easily send them just by attaching that folder to your email.

Step 8.

In order to take the print of those emails then again go to My Drive and open that folder and see those emails are showing in PDF file format which you can easily print on paper by pressing Ctrl+P.

print multiple email

Generally people go for third party apps to perform this task but very few are known to this fact that sending and printing bulk of emails is possible within the Gmail without spending much time.

There are number of other ways and tools which can perform the same task with a different way.

Microsoft Outlook

Another procedure is using Microsoft Outlet on your windows which also enables you printing multiple emails in one go. In this process, first you need to extract your emails from Gmail to the Outlook and then choose the emails which you want to print and press the print button.

Gmail Print All For Chrome

Printing and saving emails as PDF can also be done using ‘Gmail Print All For Chrome’ add-on. Once you have installed the add-on as new tab will appear on Chrome browser where you need to authorize the app to access your Gmail account data. Now on Add-on page, you will choose the label of files which you want to print or save as PDF, before you choose the label, go to Gmail and select the emails and label them with a different name. Then again go to the add-on and select the label and click ‘Print to Drive’. It will create a document in Google drive which will contain the content of selected emails. Open the document in Google drive and go to File then you can either save that file as PDF or Print them.

It’s true that there are number of ways and solutions but security is always our concern, so using Google add-on within your gmail account keeps your important emails more safe and secure.

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