Shortcut To Add A File In Multiple Folders Without Copying In Google Drive

Google Drive can be the most convenient tool to share a document with multiple people, especially when multiple parties are working on a same document and you want every change made by different people to be updated in that shared file. If you copy a file from one folder to another then changes would not get updated automatically in all the replicas of that file and you will have to do it manually and moreover it would consume more storage space as well. So do it the right way.

I’m going to share an easy trick that would help you to add files in multiple folders without copying them. This can be done in just four steps:

Step 1.

Go to your Google Drive>My Drive and select the files which you want to add in multiple folders.


You can hold the Ctrl button for Windows and Command key for Mac for selecting random files. If you want to select files while are arranged consecutively then select those files by holding shift key.

Step 2.

After selecting files press Shift+Z and a pop up will appear, showing you the list of all folders available in your drive.

Step 3.

Select the folder from the list in which you want those selected files to be added and click Add.


Step 4.

You can follow the same procedure to add those same files in other folders as well.

Here you need to remember that these are not the copied versions of the files whereas these are the original versions of the selected files. It means in different folders you have created a link that refers to the Master File.

Changes Will Get Updated Automatically In All Folders

If any change is made in any of the files it would get reflected in all folders in which that file is added. So you don’t need to update each of the files manually. It will help you in two ways, it will save your time as well as storage space.

Delete A File From Multiple Folders All At Once

If you want to delete a file from all the folders in which it was added then go to any of the folders in which this file exists and give a right click on that file and click Remove, then check the other folders, this file would be deleted from all the folders in one go.

Delete A File From Selected Folders

When you want to delete a file from a specific folder then go to the file and give a right click on it then choose to view details and it will show you a box at the right side giving all details about the file including type, size, storage used, location, owner, created date and modified date of the file.


You need to go to the location and select the folder from which you want to delete that particular selected file. This option is also useful if you want to know the location of a particular file for e.g. if a file is available in multiple folders but you don’t know which folders these are then using this option will let you know the location of a file.

Benefits of using Google Drive

  • When you have Google drive account, you get 5GB of data storage that can be exceeded further at low cost.

  • It is device independent, it means, doesn’t matter where you are using the drive, whatever device is connected to the internet whether desktop, mobile, tablet or laptop, you would be able to access any of the files available in Google drive.

  • It supports various extension such as .ai, .psd, .pdf. .doc, .txt and allows you to access files with these extensions.

  • Google drive uses an intelligent way of searching for the text be it any file name, image name or text in the document.

  • Sharing of document becomes easier with Google drive that also ensure full security of docs as no one can access any of the files unless you give authorization to a person.

  • It lets you create documents and presentations online and multiple people can access the same document and if changes are made, appears in real time.

  • It has efficient data back-up capability in case of hard disk crash and data corruption.

Google drive is not limited to these advantages only, it has lot more still to explore. We will discuss number of more tips and tricks for Google drive in coming up posts.

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