Simple Tricks To Secure Gmail Account From Getting Hacked

Internet security is the utmost demand of today’s digital life where every important credentials, let it be your bank account details and important property documents attached in mail are kept in gmail account, moreover social networking accounts, paypal account and website registrations are linked with your gmail account. In this way Gmail account security has become inevitable thing which cannot be avoided in any circumstance.

Here are three security measures that can keep your google account secure from every sort of inethical activity or hacking.

Last Account Activity

Google understands the severity of gmail account and thats why it has provided various ways to keep gmail account safe and secure. ‘Last account activity’ is one of those helpful shortcuts which helps us to monitor the last 10 activities of our account.


With this option, we can check, when and where our gmail account was used along with duration. It will help us to know whether it is being used somewhere by someone else.

Check Emails From Other Account Using SSL Secure Connection

You can keep your gmail account secured using another gmail account to track your account. Along with adding different mail into the account, you can turn it to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) secure connection which will keep your private data safe from prying eyes.

For an instance, you may download a file containing the virus or receive a phishing email containing a downloader file, that creates an encrypted session to download malware onto your system that can capture your security measures in order to hack your account. SSL provides you secure connection by unlocking encrypted session and keeps your account safe from such malicious practices.

There are very easy steps to make it happen: Go to settings > Send mail as > Enter your secondary mail > click next > now next screen will appear where you need to enter your mail password > select ‘Secure connection using SSL’ > Add account.


Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Once you enable this feature, you will need to enter a code that will be sent to registered mobile number followed by existing password. It means only knowing your gmail password would not be sufficient to use your account which will make it much less prone to hacking of your gmail account.

It would be difficult for hacker to get the code that would be sent to your registered mobile number. I think. It can be much effortless thing that you can do to keep your account secure.

The whole process is quite simple to enable two-factor authentication:

Go to your google account > Manage your account access and security settings > Security checkup > Get Started


Once you click on ‘Get Started’, following screen will appear.


Now add your recovery phone number and click ‘Done’. You can also add recovery mail if want.

There are lots of other ways to keep your gmail account safe but we found these three tricks highly useful that ensure full security of gmail account.

While doing these settings if you face any sort of difficulty, click to Google Help for support.

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