Tricks To Take A Screenshot Without A Snipping Tool & Extension

Taking A Screenshot In Google Chrome

Do you want to take a screenshot in Google Chrome? However, there are number of ways and tools to take a screenshot in Google Chrome but doing it without using any extension and third party tool is something you have not yet thought of.

Yes, the updated version of Google Chrome has an inbuilt option of ‘capture screenshot’ within the browser. This option allows you to take screenshot in different pixel size. You can use device frame for your screenshot that would make it more original.

Let’s see how it can be done in just 3 steps-

Step 1.

Open the web page in Google Chrome you want to take the screenshot. Then go to Tools>Developer Tools.


If you have mac operating system then press cmd+ Opt+ I if it is windows then press F12 in order to get the following screen.

Step 2.

Toggle device toolbar

When you see the above screen on your system, then click on Toggle Device Toolbar, make sure it is showing in blue colour and find three dots appearing at the top right corner of the screen. You need to click on it in order to take the screenshot but before you take screenshot you must determine whether you want to show the screenshot in device frame or not if yes then choose the desired device frame from the available list. The list will include almost all types of devices such as laptop, mobile, desktop. You can also set device pixel size and zoom size according to your requirement. For example you have selected iphone 6Plus then image will appear like this.

screenshot in mobile frame

It is all about how you can take the screenshot in different forms which is almost not possible in third party snipping tools. This is an exclusive feature of this option.


If you want to edit the frame of your image then click Edit (given at the top) and choose any device you want. If the required device is not in the list then you can also choose to custom device option which allows you to use the device of your choice and need.

add custom device

Step 3.

When you are done with settings of the image and ready to take the screenshot of the image then go to top right corner of the screen and click at three dots sign.

capture screenshot

When you click here, it will give you an option ‘Capture Screenshot’, click on it and it is done.


Now, we were talking about Google Chrome but now we will discuss how the same thing can be done in Firefox.

Taking A Screenshot In Firefox

You can take the screenshot in Firefox as well without using any extension and third party tool. See how it is possible in Firefox. It is just two steps away.

Step 1.

Open any web page in Firefox browser and go to Tools>Web Developer>Developer Toolbar.

developer tool

Step 2.

Now click Toggle developer tools and find the following screen where you need to click Toolbox Options which you can find at the bottom of the screen.

toolbar option

After clicking here, the following screen will appear in which you need to check box in front of ‘Take a screenshot of the entire page’.

take a screenshot of an entire page

When you click this option you will get another option of ‘Take a screenshot of the entire page’ just beside Toolbox Option. When you need to take the screenshot of the screen, click this option and your screenshot would be ready. The only thing which is not good with this option is that this option allows you to take a screenshot of an entire page instead of a specific portion of the page. As most of the time we need a particular part of the page.

Taking Screenshot with Print Screen

There is another way of taking a screenshot, no matter which browser you are using. But there should be graphic editor like paint in your system.

Step 1.

You can simply open the web page you want to take the screenshot and press Print Screen button on your keyboard, it will take the screenshot of the visible part of the screen.

Step 2.

Open this screenshot in graphic editor like paint and cut the required portion of the page you want and save it as a picture in your system.

This way of taking screenshot was quite popular when snipping tools and various extensions were not there for use. However, it’s a little lengthy procedure but still some people prefer using it. You can add text, different shapes, arrows in the screenshot just like other snipping tools.


If we make a conclusion then Google Chrome is far superior to Firefox, having better options that let you customize and take appropriate screenshot that suits your needs. However, majority of people are not aware of this feature of Google Chrome but gradually it has started becoming the choice of people. We hope that in future it would have more advanced options like adding text in the screenshot, placing arrow to a particular part of the screenshot in order to highlight something important and different shapes like square or circle to markdown particular area. There are lots of things which still this Google Chrome Screenshot option is missing but as Google is continuously making efforts to improve each of its products then surely in coming days, capture screenshot option will also become more advanced and superior.

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