WhatsApp New Feature Will Let You Change Number And Share Live Location


With WhatsApp new feature, the process of changing number will become easier and smoother. However, as of now, WhatsApp is testing this feature in the beta version of WhatsApp and has not yet announced it’s availability. This feature will not only let you change the number but also notify all the contacts about number change. What is special about this feature is that it will change the number without losing old chats and group data.

You would definitely love this feature as it will totally replace the manual sharing of changed number. Whenever, number is changed, there would be three options you can choose from: either you can share the number with all of your contacts or share it with the contacts you chat or you can also choose not to share the new number with any of the contacts.


This new feature was found by WABetaInfo in beta version 2.17.130 for Windows phone users which would be disabled by default and in order to use it, you will need to switch it on while changing your number.

When this feature will be rolled out is still in disguise but if it goes live then surely it will make you feel happy as it will not let you lose out on WhatsApp chat on changing the number. Moreover you can share the number with the contacts with a single click instead of sharing it manually with each of your contacts which seems a more stressful task.

WhatsApp another new feature of location sharing is also on its way to get live. This new feature is being referred as ‘Live Location Tracking’ in the beta software and is currently found in Android (version 1.16.399) and iOS (version This new feature will also be disabled by default and will need to be switched on. It will allow users to switch it on for a particular period of time. There would be three options – one minute, two minutes and five minutes, once you choose the period and recipient, it will allow the recipient to track your exact location on a map for a selected period of time.

This feature can help you and guide you when finding your friends in a crowded place or can be used for family members as a family locator device.

Here, a question arises of privacy concern but it is designed in a way that it would limit your privacy concern as it will let you control your location sharing at maximum level with the ability of disabling it at any time.

WhatsApp is not limited to these features, it is testing more features which are in progress is the ability to delete and edit sent messages which are still unread, ability to reply to user’s statuses and reporting bugs and problems to the WhatsApp support team.

It is said that with this feature, if a message is deleted that would be deleted from both the ends (from user and senders) and could not be recovered again. According to WABetaInfo, this feature would also be disabled by default. With this feature a users will be able to delete the message if it got sent by mistake to someone else.

But it is worth noting that WhatsApp only keeps those features which are loved and favoured by people as when WhatsApp replaced the text based status with disappearing video/photo status messages, it got a strong negative reaction from a large number of people and it immediately took a decicion to bring back the old text-based status feature. But with this change it didn’t remove the status stories feature just because people loved using it.

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